Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Title Oyabun
Author Ashley Wood

Ok. We'll slide this into the "oh-god-i-want-so-bad-i'm-drooling" category, cross referenced with that "fuck-me-they'll-cost-how-much?" category. Artist Ashley Wood has been developing a range of toys - robots, blokes with swords - but these girls with swords and big jackets. Ouch, in the world of collectable toys? Those kick ass. Of course he is going for the over priced, ultra limited market, because I guess thats where the money is. If at some point I post pictures of me having bought these, or the nifty fish-boy I posted in this category before, I expect scorn (and envy!) to be poured on me! (like it would make a difference to my enjoyment..ha!)


Title Sixteen Miles To Merricks
Author Barnaby Ward

I just read this graphic novel recently having bought a physical copy sometime ago, adding it to the bottom of a pile so that I missed placed it, and then being constantly reminded by how much I liked his art until i damn well excavated the book. Its really good. Very much worth reading. He is serializing the main story online over a period of weeks, not sure why I haven't noticed the last times I've been on his site, but there you go. I encourage reading it, in case no one noticed the first couple of times I said so.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Blog Remote Cards

I've always been one of those people who carries a notepad and pen everywhere they go. Who scribbles down the minutae of the world around them. I've decided to share some of that in a new blog, which I'm calling Remote Cards, like taking these notes and writing them on the back of postcards, and sending them out there for people to read. Co-written by Babylonions. Updating regularly, so far.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Links References from 7th March 2009

Trying to get into habit of not just forwarding links of interesting things to people by email or just re-tweeting things on twitter, because that only covers a snapshot. When I have these perfectly good places to post things and share things with people who miss those other things. Encourage me, its good for me, honest.

Podcast That Rose-Red Empire brianlavelleposts - That Rose-Red Empire: 90 min. podcast LSE Events, featurin Iain Sinclair, Jerry White & Patrick Wright: http://bit.ly/2RV4T

Blog Daily Routines got this link off twitter, probably a re-tweet of a re-tweet, but here is the direct route. A collection of pieces on the daily routines of "writers, artists, and other interesting people". Looks like there should be some interesting stuff to read there. At moment i'm reading a conversation between Jonathan Lethem and Paul Auster, both writers who come into the periphery of my interests but as yet haven't convinced/won me over.

Twitter Remote Fiction
I have various things, projects, wotsits, irons in the fire or whatever you want to call them. Some which slump to a halt of inactivity, some of which I'm gripped by inspiration and motivation. Recent addition to that is the decision to create a second twitter account remotefiction. My first twitter account was supposed to be a mixture of things, but when posting observations and fictional realities it can be awkward because people take them seriously. So, here I post clear fictions. So far thats been 2 1/2 clear stories, how it grows from there remains to be seen, its an experiment. I have other things in the works, but more on that later, for now:
Entering Fictional Territory: A Half Story
The Wolf Corridor: An Altered Reality
Horror Film: An Altered Reality
Coming soon, maybe: The Second Library Attack - which takes a starting point inspired by Murakami as the title suggests, then should head somewhere else, you know, if I actually write that part sometime...

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Calendar: Some things happening in the future that might be interesting.

11 March 2009. Howling Bells and The Joy Formidable. The Classic Grand, Glasgow
17 - 21 MarchEDWARD GANT'S AMAZING FEATS OF LONELINESS. Citizens Theatre, Glasgow
20 -22 March Instal 2009. www.thearches.co.uk/Instal-2009.htm
21 March 2009 Suites Cruelles. Cas Public/Hélène Blackburn. www.caspublic.com Tramway, Glasgow
21 March 2009 Tunng with Tinariwen. Old Picture House, Edinburgh. www.edinburgh-picturehouse.co.uk
23 March 2009.Mono. Stereo, Glasgow Web: www.stereocafebar.com/
27 March 2009Shitmat. Soundhaus, Glasgow
28 March 2009 Skullflower. 13th Note, Glasgow. www.13thnote.co.uk/
8 April 2009. Bat For Lashes. Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow www.qmu.org.uk
12-25 Apr 2009Behaviour (Live Art Festival), The Arches, Glasgow
15 - 18 Apr The Idiot Colony. Tron Theatre, Glasgow
21 - 25 AprilWUTHERING HEIGHTS (Bollywood style).Citizens Theatre, Glasgow
24 - 26 Apr The Angel and the Woodcutter. Tron Theatre, Glasgow
26 April 2009. John Parish and PJ Harvey. The Queens Hall, Edinburgh.
8 - 9 May 2009. Ashes. Les Ballet C. de la B. www.fransbrood.com Tramway, Glasgow
9 May 2009. Yann Tiersen. ABC Glasgow, Glasgow.
18 May 2009Kristin Hersh. King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow
19 May 2009 The Breeders. King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow
19 - 26 MayMUSEUM OF DREAMS. Citizens Theatre, Glasgow
23 May 2009Sultans of Ping FC, The Arches, Glasgow
4 June 2009. Antony and the Johnsons. Playhouse, Edinburgh
4 - 6 Jun 2009 Maria-Magdalena. Wayn Traub. www.wayntraub.net Tramway, Glasgow
24 June 2009. Emiliana Torrini. Oran Mor, Glasgow
10 July And the Devil May Drag You Under.Tron Theatre, Glasgow
31 Jul - 01 AugWhite Tea. Tron Theatre, Glasgow

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Blogs:Municipal Archive

Don't worry, its just a sudden burst phase, no doubt I'll go months before posting again. So just appreciate this selective enthusiasm while you can, unless I am back tomorrow night posting as franticly again. It could happen. When you click things you click on other things, one thing leads to another thing, and before you know it you've unearthed a thing thats caught your attention and your reading the thing. But you look back and you can't really say how you found a thing. Whatever. Accidentaly things are cool, I've read a page, or so, of Municipal Archive and I like it, enough to say "hey, this is interesting", enough to say "yeah, I better note this for now so that I go back and look at it again some time".


Art:Teetering Bulb

Found this site on Coilhouse this evening. There are some damn nice illustration works on the site Teetering Bulb by the art pairing of Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon. The illustrations are for various works, lots of illustrations for short stories, newsletters, and works in progress. Sitting just now working my way through the archive, the piece above is one my favourites.



Spotted this up the west-end-ish of Glasgow on Sunday, liked, shame its already so faded, but perhaps that lends to the photo some charm?



I have to say I really like these figures by Japanese artist YOSKAY YAMAMOTO, some of the special editions are probably nicer, but the regular from Munky King is plenty pretty. Though for the moment I am resisting, and resisting, actually buying one. But we will see how resolve/common sense holds up... Also worth checking Yoskay's blog to see more of his work.

Twitter:Michael Marshall Smith

I really do need to get back into the habit of blogging/posting/wotsit properly. I've been twittering quite happily, and even enthusiastically. Which is why I am pleased/amused to see that author Michael Marshall (Smith), whose new novel Bad Things is just out, has started twittering at http://twitter.com/ememess, additionally, I spy that there is a new short story by him online at http://www.joyland.ca/stories/london/fair_exchange. Hopefully I will be back posting shortly. Or not.

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