Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Title Oyabun
Author Ashley Wood

Ok. We'll slide this into the "oh-god-i-want-so-bad-i'm-drooling" category, cross referenced with that "fuck-me-they'll-cost-how-much?" category. Artist Ashley Wood has been developing a range of toys - robots, blokes with swords - but these girls with swords and big jackets. Ouch, in the world of collectable toys? Those kick ass. Of course he is going for the over priced, ultra limited market, because I guess thats where the money is. If at some point I post pictures of me having bought these, or the nifty fish-boy I posted in this category before, I expect scorn (and envy!) to be poured on me! (like it would make a difference to my enjoyment..ha!)

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