Saturday, March 07, 2009

Links References from 7th March 2009

Trying to get into habit of not just forwarding links of interesting things to people by email or just re-tweeting things on twitter, because that only covers a snapshot. When I have these perfectly good places to post things and share things with people who miss those other things. Encourage me, its good for me, honest.

Podcast That Rose-Red Empire brianlavelleposts - That Rose-Red Empire: 90 min. podcast LSE Events, featurin Iain Sinclair, Jerry White & Patrick Wright: http://bit.ly/2RV4T

Blog Daily Routines got this link off twitter, probably a re-tweet of a re-tweet, but here is the direct route. A collection of pieces on the daily routines of "writers, artists, and other interesting people". Looks like there should be some interesting stuff to read there. At moment i'm reading a conversation between Jonathan Lethem and Paul Auster, both writers who come into the periphery of my interests but as yet haven't convinced/won me over.

Twitter Remote Fiction
I have various things, projects, wotsits, irons in the fire or whatever you want to call them. Some which slump to a halt of inactivity, some of which I'm gripped by inspiration and motivation. Recent addition to that is the decision to create a second twitter account remotefiction. My first twitter account was supposed to be a mixture of things, but when posting observations and fictional realities it can be awkward because people take them seriously. So, here I post clear fictions. So far thats been 2 1/2 clear stories, how it grows from there remains to be seen, its an experiment. I have other things in the works, but more on that later, for now:
Entering Fictional Territory: A Half Story
The Wolf Corridor: An Altered Reality
Horror Film: An Altered Reality
Coming soon, maybe: The Second Library Attack - which takes a starting point inspired by Murakami as the title suggests, then should head somewhere else, you know, if I actually write that part sometime...

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