Thursday, January 14, 2016

2015 Reading Summary 

Summary of what I read in 2015, "*" denotes a re-read.
Graphic novels have been noted sporadically, read many more of those, but didn't always remember to include in list.

the collector - sergi toppi
the mighty avengers vol 2 - family bonding - al ewing + valerio schiti
saga vol 4 - brian k vaughan + fiona staples
manhattan projects vol 4- hickmann + pitarra
manhattan projects vol 5- hickmann + pitarra
hot head - simon ings *
daniel fights a hurricane - shane jones
let's put the future behind us - jack womack
solaris rising 3
afterparty - darryl gregory
vN - madeline ashby
descent - ken macleod

planesrunner - ian mcdonald*
colorless tsukuru tazaki and his years of pilgrimage - haruki murakami
coffin hill 2 - dark endeavours
hellblazer 10 in the line of fire
glow - ned beauman

the magic pen - dylan horrocks
something coming through - paul mcauley
avengers adapt or die
alif the unseen - g willow wilson

get in trouble - kelly link
blue remembered earth - alastair reynolds
the rabbit back literature society -Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen
justice calling (20 sided sorcereress) - annie bellet
tigerman - nick harkaway

glaze - kim curran
rivers of london - ben aaranovitch*
glorious angels - justina robson
dead witch walking - kim harrison
spirits abroad - zen cho
stand on zanzibar - john brunner

the peripheral - william gibson*
city of stairs - robert jackson bennett

three parts dead - max gladstone*
strange and norrell - suzanne clarke
wicked+divine book 2
avengers infinity
wytches volume 1
this is life - dan rhodes

leviathan wakes - james s a corey
jagganith - karin tidbeck
wolves of london: obsidian hearts
the field of the cloth of gold - magnus mills
the other wind - ursula le guin

alien separation - gini koch
ack-ack macaque - gareth powell
the sorceror of the wildeeps - kai ashante wilson
the sorceror to the crown - zen cho

twelve tomorrows (harkaway, stross, sterling, bauman, etc)
holy fire - bruce sterling*
be my enemy - ian mcdonald
daker shade of magic - ve schwab
follow me - victoria gemmel

2312 - kim stanley robinson
welcome to night vale - fink/cranor

the bone clocks - david mitchell
divine misfortune - a lee martinez
bookburners 1 - max gladstone
bookburners 2
bookburners 3
bookburners 4
bookburners 5
hexomancy - michael r underwood
the seed collectors - scarlett thomas
ack ack macaque - gareth powell*

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