Monday, February 04, 2013

Page One? - Russell Hoban 

The 4th of February 2013, which would have been author Russell Hoban's 88th birthday. As every year, we celebrate his work with the SA4QE event - quoting and sharing his work. Here is the 1st of two extracts I'm going to post from his novel Medusa Frequency:

Page one? I didn't think so. Suddenly the idea of turning one's experience into a story seemed not only bizarre but perverted; the idea of such a thing as page one seemed at the very least a monstrous vanity. Where was the beginning of anything, how could I draw a line through endless cause and effect and say, "Here is page one"? Well of course either one was a story teller or one wasn't, and it looked as if I wasn't - all I could do was was describe phenomena as I experienced them. I looked at the two sentences on my page one attempt until the telephone rang and it was Melanie.

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