Saturday, May 05, 2012

Video: Ólafur Arnalds

Rebecca Solnit: I used to think of myself as slightly nomadic, with San Francisco as winter camp, the place I keep my stuff and spend the most time. (And here it's important to understand that nomads have fixed and routine and regular routes; they're not aimless, lost, hippie-style wanderers or seekers.)
Interview with Rebecca Solnit

Sat on a Saturday afternoon immersed in stray thoughts, as can often be the case. I saw Ólafur Arnalds live a number of years ago, quite enjoyed him. I bought a CD at the gig, which turned out to be only a short EP, since when I've meant to buy something more. But never quite got round to it, because a 20 minute disc is of limited use, when I really want an album. I saw a CD by another band entirely on my shelf just now and decided to listen to them online, which brought up a track by Ólafur Arnalds as my next offering. So now I am listening to a playlist of his music as a reminder that I should really get round to getting more of his music.

At the same time I'm catching up on this and that. M John Harrison posted on his twitter about an interview with Rebecca Solnit, from which I post a quote above. Apparently she has written a number of books, which includes "The Field Guide To Getting Lost". Something which would be up Harrison's street, given some of the short stories he has written, particularly one I recall from his collection "Travel Arrangements". Ideas about travel, psychogeography, mapping of cities, of the lost, of the traveller, of the nomad, are of course all interesting.

This post falls into the category of rambling, though that is often how my brain works, and I suspect how many of us find ourselves sliding from site to site in this internet age. Apart from which, I am under the weather and my head is a cloud. And thinking and researching and brewing thoughts is something I have felt behind on recently.

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