Saturday, April 07, 2012

Writing Music 

Klangstabil - Maths & Emotion - new video clip just posted on line of Klangstabil live. A band I enjoy a lot.

Easter weekend here in the UK. So a weekend off work. Which, in theory, I am dedicating to writing. Friday went well, working though 3,500 word story, managed to rework about 2,000 words of that. Saturday afternoon now, and I've got the staring space thing going on. Which is frustrating, kick start my brain.

Writing with music can be something that varies from person to person. I think yesterday's success was partly down to the right musical choices - ie my pre-established writing play list, a wide range of ambient, esoteric, textural music which inspires and engages without distracting. Trying to kick off today with some indie rock stuff on the other hand appears to have been a mistake. Pleasant, but wrong.

So line up that Klangstabil piece, posted on their twitter stream, as a palette cleanser. Dig back into the old faithful writing soundtrack - there is enough on it that it isn't likely to repeat what I listened to yesterday anyway.

OK. This was quick hit and run. Put playlist at ready, hit play, write!

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