Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Author: Rudy Rucker
Publisher: Tor Books

Postsingular is the first of a trilogy of novels by author and mathematician Rudy Rucker. My previous experience of Rucker's novels has been disappointing, but over the years I have also read a number of short stories by him, some of which have been particuarly good. This novel is available for download on his website, which I have done and am probably 3/4 way through reading, and convinced that I will indeed likely buy this in hardback as soon as I finish reading. I am thoroughly enjoying this novel.

Nanotechnology ants have been released to convert the world into an electronic version, eating Mars to fuel themselves, then the Earth and everyone on it. This is not the most popular idea ever, though who can stop it? Ond works for the company that developed the Nants, and fortunatley has doubts at the last minute, developing a plan to save everyone. A few years later, he releases the Orphids, post-arphid/post-nant organisms which tranfesr the world. Some people think the orphidnet which quickly sweeps the world is just as bad as the nants. But as time passes and Ond goes into hiding the world is left quite changed. Hippy, geeky, mathy, cutting edge quirky science ficiton full of weird and wonderful stuff. Fun.

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