Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Imagine...A Wild Sheep Chase

Tue 24 Jun, 10:45 pm - 11:40 pm 55mins

In Search of Haruki

Alan Yentob explores the mysterious, offbeat, sexually charged world of Japan's most popular and internationally acclaimed writer, Haruki Murakami. A literary novelist tipped for the Nobel Prize, he writes cool, witty and often surreal bestsellers. Notoriously enigmatic and media-shy, Murakami has always shunned radio and television, except for this rare and frank off-camera interview with the BBC.

Yentob travels to Japan, through the strange, labyrinthine landscape of Murakami's fiction, on a jazz-fuelled 'wild sheep chase' of a journey. In Tokyo and Kobe he delves into the social and political background of Murakami's work and encounters his fans, critics, translators, and a talking cat. Disturbing scenes. [S]

Subtitles Stereo Widescreen

Website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/imagine/

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