Saturday, May 31, 2008

30th may 2007
glasgow academy.

i turned up late. doors open 7pm, i get there 8.45pm. ministry are already on stage. though i get impression not been on too long. they play for an hour, a solid wall of metal. repeating, evolving flashing imagery of bush and bin laden, and terror propaganda. brutal strobe lights thrashing. for that hour i don't know a single track and admit to being thoroughly bored. they were much better when i saw them 5-6 years ago. at 9.45 they go off. potter about while the audience gives a lacklustre response. then they come back on, and provided 20 minutes of old, familiar material, much to the audience's relief. so what, n.w.o., just one fix, theives. more off stage pottering, posing, playing to the front row. come back on, a couple of covers - zz top, the doors. off stage again to another lacklustre response. to come back on and do a final track - what a wonderful world.

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