Thursday, March 06, 2008

First Draft Events.
I am so behind. So out of touch. I really need to get back into the habit of posting with some kind of frequency. Any kind of frequency. I have a handful of thing half written, and loads of trips I should talk about or post pictures from. Lets see, the quick summary. August 2007 - London Gibson signings. September 2007 - London Neil Gaiman interviews Susanna Clarke. December 2007 - brought in the new year in Paris. January 2008 - from Paris I went to Vienna for a few days. February 2008 - The Glasgow Film Festival, where I saw more films than any of the previous years, I think 15 in the end. Going back to Paris, in um a week today. I changed work office again, which should give me a lot more writing time and event time and all that. We will see. Hello world!

Kristin Hersh 25th March
Breeders 8th April
8th April Start of theatre fest in Arches
19th end of theatre fest in Arches
Nick Cave 4th May
Hawk and Hacksaw 13th May
Tinariwen 18th May Arches
Stars of the Lid 22nd May
Ministry 30th may Carling Academy

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