Sunday, October 07, 2007

Note: Well, several more months have passed since I last posted, so it goes. Time is getting away from me these days, passes too quickly, I am sure many of us know how that feels. Been working out of a different office, which has increased my hours working/driving. Partly related to that I have also had some Carpal Tunnel Syndrome issues that I need to watch out for.

Been to London a couple of times in the last few months. Been keeping busy as usual. I need to give myself a kick and start posting stuff again soon! Till then, plenty of new pictures up on my flickr account, and here is a new updated calendar of things I might/will do over next few months.

Event:7th October - Murcof - The Arches, Glasgow
Event:8th October - Outre - The Arches, Glasgow
Event:10th-27th October - Antigone - Tron, Glasgow
Event:11th-13th October - Convent - The Arches, Glasgow
Event:17th-20th October Dr and The Devil - Citizens Theatre, Glasgow
Event:19th October - Warrior Soul - The Cathouse, Glasgow
Event:23rd October - The Boredoms - The Arches, Glasgow
Event:26-27th October - Vivienne Grant - Citizens Theatre, Glasgow
Event:30th October-3rd November - Venus As A Boy - Citizens Theatre, Glasgow
Event:1st November - Amiina - King Tuts, Glasgow
Event:2nd November - Fishbone - CANCELLED
Event:9th November - Jello Biafra - The Arches, Glasgow

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