Saturday, April 28, 2007

remote cast:RC8042007

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1. Autechre: Second Bad Vibel: Anvil Vapre
2. Beefcake: Untitled 14: Drei
3. Zan Lyons: Warring Factions: Desolate
4. Gridlock: Voiceless: Trace
5. Zipperspy: Click N Gabber: Glass Bomb Baby
6. Ryoji Ikeda: Counterpoint: 00C
7. I-Burn vs Sshe Retina Stimulants: Resile III: Subfriend Traffic Perfection
8. Chris Clark: Slow Spines: Empty The Bones Ov You
9. Matera: Darkside 11am: Same Here
10. Sonar vs Mulsimgauze: Arsenic Device: Sonar vs Muslimgauze
11. Sonic Dragolgo: Don't Stop The Music: Don't Stop The Music

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