Sunday, January 21, 2007


Title:Tate Modern

Tuesday morning, I went to the Tate Modern. My aim to have a go on Carsten Holler's slides, the latest installation in the former power station's Turbine Hall. The biggest, and most in demand slide is the level 5, which towers all the way up 5 floors. As that was unavailable at the time of my arrival, I made do with level 3. When I got to level 3 it didn't seem to busy, so i decided it made some sense to see art, then slide down. So i wandered through mirrored halls, material art, a room full of the work of Rothko. However, by the time I returned to the slide I found that there was a line of eager school children, the whole place was full of children. So I took my turn in the line, then on the slide, whooshing down three flights, slow at first, building speed, back down to ground level. Since it was so busy, I had a quick look in the shop, and decided that was enough "art" for one day, and went shopping instead of exploring further.

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