Sunday, January 21, 2007


Artists: SheOne
Venue: Union Works, New Globe Walk, 6th January – 13th January 2007

From the ICA squirmelia, shlunk and I went to the last night of Exit at the Union Works. A factory due to be demolished, turned into a temporary art installation by Illuminate Productions and the Graffiti artist SheOne aka James Choules. Described as a dramatic minimalism, Choules work was appropriately underwhelming and repetitive, bold sweeping lines mixed with pithy little type statements. Given the scale of the venue it seemed that little was really made of the space, though perhaps that was the intent and part of the minimalist. Wandering around the levels of the old factory, finding the tags and swathes was actually more fun than the final works. Listening to the sound of running water, the flow getting into the building somewhere. Apparently the building contained the last remaining bear-baiting arena, which has been there since 1680 - though I don't recall seeing anything that would cover that description.

For full photo set see Flickr.

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