Sunday, January 21, 2007


Title:City Glow, Mountain Whisper
Artists: Chiho Aoshima
Venue: Gloucester Road Underground Station - 25 July 2006 – 25 January 2007

Along the archway's of London's Gloucester Underground station one can go on a journey with Japanese artist Chiho Aoshima. Travelling from the glow of a strange city at night, and ending up in the day light of mountains, wild life a whispering around you. The current contribution in a series of pieces of platform art that the station has put in place. I was a little disappointed that you couldn't get onto the platform that the work was on, though I guess this was to protect it against vandalism - forcing the viewer to stand on the other side of the tracks and look across into this other world. Chiho's colours and shapes are striking, the evolution of the piece along the way showing the depth of her work.

For full photo set see Flickr.

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