Sunday, January 21, 2007

Buckhurst Hill


Last saturday when I was in London, I caught up with my friend squirmelia, and we went on one of tubewalker's tube walks. A series of explorations of London, based on the notional idea of going from one underground station to another, via whatever route comes up. In this instance we were walking from Buckhurst Hill, in Zone 5, to Loughton, in Zone 6. About 20 of us wandering the streets, up through some wooded paths, where some of us managed to get split from the main group, then rejoin them again. Along the way we stopped in at a pub for a swift 'alf, were monitored by the people of Little Dragon who were unsure what to make of our passage, and took a detour through Loughton library to buy a couple of cheap books. Was a good day, the weather stayed dry, despite dark clouds at times, and everyone seemed to have fun.

For full photo set see Flickr.

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