Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Zurich September 11th 2006


We flew from Glasgow to Zurich, via Amsterdam. A couple weeks after the last UK flight security scare, security was still tight, restricting hand baggage and the carrying of food/drink. So once we got through security we had breakfast, with a view of the runway. In the same area you got a free bottle of water with every copy of The Independant, considerate, especially with the full page 9/11 front page to encourage travelling.


As a city Zurich has much more graphitti than Glasgow, we spotted this just on the train from the airport to the centre - Zurich being one of those smart cities that actually has a decent and direct link from one airport to city.


The day we arrived was a holiday. So having met dara at the airport we headed to his to drop our things off, before heading out to the fair. We wandered around, enjoying the buzz of the crowd - screaming teens on fleeting rides, streets stalls selling food and drink.


After the fair we headed back for a bit, before heading out to a Monday night club, spotting more interesting graphitti on the way.


The Bosch bar used to be underground, faced being closed down, became that bit more legit. The bar is along the river front, we ended up standing by the river for most of the night, enjoying the atmosphere while being particularly loud and Scottish. Before heading home about 2am.

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