Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Title: Stealth
Cast: Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx, Sam Shepard, Richard Roxburgh, Joe Morton
Director:Rob Cohen

From the 400 best pilots in the American navy, the 3 best fighter pilots have been selected for a special Stealth group. They are trained to take pre-emptive action against terrorists to protect America. However, this is only part of their brief, the real core of their mission is to help in the development of an unmanned, artificially intelligent fighter plane. Of course the plane is still at experimental stages, goes out of control, and only the 3 crack fighters can stop it.

The production/direction team behind Stealth have been involved with such stellar outings as xXx, xXx 2, and Fast And Furious. Which would tend to lead one to expect Stealth to be the funniest and cheesiest film you have seen in a long time. Much to my surprise, Stealth is, by comparison, a solid and serious piece of work. With only one or two particularly cheesy moments - most notably the fact that the AI plane has downloaded every MP3 on the internet, and chooses to listen to mediocre rock music, yes, quite.

Of course, Stealth takes an interesting initiative in these times of increasing political correctness. Casting a white man, a black man, a woman and a machine as the four leads. Where Stealth goes, I suspect others will follow, and we can look forward to more roles for machines in the future. Of course, and forgive the spoilers here, they still fall foul of the clich├ęs - with the black man being the first character to die, and the machine being a baddy. When will they learn?

Stealth does for fighter planes what Fast And Furious did for racing cars. Big and brash, filled with action, and a pretty cast, with a fairly undemanding script.

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