Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Title: Spirit Trap
Cast: Billie Piper, Luke Mably, Emma Catherwood, Sam Troughton, Alsou
Director:David Smith

Five students get a call at the start of term to let them know that a house has been found for them. It might be old, creepy and decrepit, but at least it is cheap. Upon moving into the house it is clear that something bad happened there in the past. The "spirit clock" and the "spirit writer" doodaa ouija board thingy they find on the first night don't help either. As the film goes on, it seems that each of the students has been picked, and that the house is a trap.

Spirit Trap is a British horror film, which entails the low budget and average acting that you would expect from that. Essentially it feels like a vehicle to promote the talent that is Billie Piper. If memory serves, Spirit Trap was filmed before she got her part in Doctor Who, but it certainly waited till after the success of the TV series before being given a general release.

Despite the expectations of a British film and the mediocrity that entails, I was surprised to find that Spirit Trap wasn't entirely crap. There were some nice dream sequences, the film demonstrated potential, and no one was allowed to over act too much.

So look forward to the poster now "Spirit Trap - not entirely crap" - re:mote voices. That'll be right.

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