Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Title: Rogue Farm
Author: Charles Stross
Broadcaster: ITV

Strangely a few days after having read Charles Stross’s short story Rogue Farm in the seventeenth annual collection of the year’s Best Science Fiction Short Stories, I was flicking about and caught the end of a trail for a programme called Rogue Farm. Checking up Scottish TV are showing a half hour animation based on the short story by Charles Stross, which follows a farmer’s problems when a rogue farm moves into the area. A rogue farm being a bio collective that sets down roots before blasting off for Jupiter. I’m sure it promises to be interesting.

The programme is being shown as part of the New Found Land series, and is broadcasting at 11pm Thursday 7th of April. Check regional listings for variations, as not everywhere seems to be showing it. There is also a dedicated website http://www.rogue-farm.com, which includes a trailer for the short, and looks to have information about a DVD release. A quick search also suggests that there are limited cinema showings as well as inclusion in film festivals.

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