Monday, January 10, 2005

Title: The Way Of Fire
Artist: Alio Die
Label: Drone Records

Rumbles and echoes conceal the first low percussion of The Way Of Fire. Drones build, from a repeating note mixed with a buzz line, horn and string. Twitters and bumps lead to a lowing bass voice, that suggests the sound of a cow or someone laughing deeply. The percussion starts to rise a strumming rhythm, layering as it comes forward in the mix. A wind instrument mixes in with the other elements and beats continue to build. Settling into something of a looping pattern with the established elements. On the other side of the 7" we have a low drone that starts Thank You Lucky Star, warmly rising with other details hinting beneath it's turns. Chimes tinkle, beats fall and echo. A piece that is stripped down, filling an open space with tonal drift.

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