Sunday, January 09, 2005

Title: Un Piano En La Garganta
Artist: CD
Label: Drone Records

This the is the second release I have by CD, both of which are on vinyl only, though of course CD doesn’t stand for Compact Disc, in this case it is the artist’s initials – Christian Dergabedian being his name. Un Piano En La Garganta is Drone 63, a 6 track 7” released in this first edition on clear, red vinyl, with a sleeve that looks to be a hand-drawn maze-like object, with little node squares in metallic blue ink, the record’s title stamped on the sleeve with a blue ink pad. Despite having 6 tracks, 3 on each side, the sound, which is constructed from found objects, pretty much runs into a whole, so it can be difficult to determine where the pieces start and end. On the first side we have Rey Suave Del Mundo, Mis Zapatas Del BRASIL, and Dj Viejo (Dj Old). Where a drone builds, solid and cold, sustained, separating into layers, bringing out he higher frequency tones, before fading out. A pulsing sensation is briefly evident, before a compression leading to the tearing eruption of layered and wild lines of sound. playing with the drones and flights from there, spiralling interchanges, in drone cycles. The second side is made up of the title track Un Piano En La Garganta, with Naturaleza Dispuesta and Erudito Del Ska. This side builds strongly from a drone to a slow wave, trailed by more consistently level tones. From the peaks come echoes, thick washing sounds. Focusing into a more streamed form, edged by flickering cycles, clipping details, emerging in time as a kind of rough buzzing that gains a domination. Fading out to sparse drone planes, which continues low as though it’s all going to disappear, before creeping up to a more pronounced level.

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