Monday, January 10, 2005

Title: Electric Mandala Part 1: Pulses
Artist: Xabec
Label: Hands

Pulses was the first in a series of 7"s by Xabec, released under the title Electric Mandala. This first release was limited to 400 copies and had 2 tracks. Dark Time Rising initiates with bleep flurries, which give way to scrapes and a hollowed drone. Impressions of spatial surrounds filled with agitated scrapes and a rumble mixed with blip chatter, building into a rhythmic pattern. The pace picks up at the same rate as discordance, contrasting the smoother sweeps on the lower levels. Sage offers a solid pulse beat, which thumps over an initial electronic chatter, building into a slow pound. Chipped, higher pulses work in, giving a counterpoint - switching through siren moments and sheer squeals of sound. an understated assemblage, in terms of pacing and actual content, forming a hard structure that strikes out at the listener.

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