Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Title: Grand Theft Parsons
Cast: Johnny Knoxville, Christina Applegate, Gabriel Macht, Robert Forster
Director: David Caffrey

Grand Theft Parsons is based on the true story of Gram Parsons’ death. A man who had gained success from his hybridisation of rock and country music. When he died, his road manager and friend, Phil Kaufman, wanted to fulfil the pact they had made together. The core of which was the one who died first, would be taken out into the desert and his soul would be set free. However Parsons’ family want to have a regular funeral, and a gold-digging ex-girlfriend is also getting involved, claiming anything of value Parsons may have owned. The result is that Kaufman feels that he is forced to steal the body in order live up to the agreement. Tricking a hippy with a bright yellow and flowery hearse into helping him, a kind of chase is set up – the father and ex in pursuit. The plot is essentially sparse within the context of the film, and while there are some laughs to be had in the first half, it doesn’t feel as though it has entirely hit it’s stride. Once the plot is established, and a momentum has been attained , the film feels as though it is flowing better and is funnier. Johnny Knoxville puts in a strong performance as Kaufman, while Christina Applegate is worryingly convincing as the “psycho” ex.

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