Sunday, December 28, 2003

other recent listening

gruntsplatter - chronicling the famine - one of the worst habits i have developed in recent times is putting CDs in the wrong boxes, this leads to losing track of discs. so while i knew where the box for this gruntsplatter album was, i seemed to lose all track of the CD itself. which was incredibly frustrating, especially as i had barely listened to it. so i was rather pleased to come across it yesterday by accident after actively searching for it for a while now. so the last thing i listened to last night, while reading in bed, was chronicling the famine. gruntsplatter are one of my favourite bands when it comes to this kind of grizzled music, spitting and buzzing distorted layers, contrasted by the hum and pulse of more bass heavy drone layers.

troum - sigqan - this three track troum album is a new release on the same label as gruntsplatter's second full length - desolation house. this disc features two tracks which are representative of troum's live set from a european tour with ultrasound. the CD features a third track which is along the same lines, but has an element of studio manipulation to it. in some ways the result is a down beat, understated album, with the contrasts between the two layers of guitar work, one more wandering and melodic, one lower and bass heavy in its drones. for me this is one of troum's most consistent and appealing releases to date.


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