Thursday, January 14, 2016

2015 Reading Summary 

Summary of what I read in 2015, "*" denotes a re-read.
Graphic novels have been noted sporadically, read many more of those, but didn't always remember to include in list.

the collector - sergi toppi
the mighty avengers vol 2 - family bonding - al ewing + valerio schiti
saga vol 4 - brian k vaughan + fiona staples
manhattan projects vol 4- hickmann + pitarra
manhattan projects vol 5- hickmann + pitarra
hot head - simon ings *
daniel fights a hurricane - shane jones
let's put the future behind us - jack womack
solaris rising 3
afterparty - darryl gregory
vN - madeline ashby
descent - ken macleod

planesrunner - ian mcdonald*
colorless tsukuru tazaki and his years of pilgrimage - haruki murakami
coffin hill 2 - dark endeavours
hellblazer 10 in the line of fire
glow - ned beauman

the magic pen - dylan horrocks
something coming through - paul mcauley
avengers adapt or die
alif the unseen - g willow wilson

get in trouble - kelly link
blue remembered earth - alastair reynolds
the rabbit back literature society -Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen
justice calling (20 sided sorcereress) - annie bellet
tigerman - nick harkaway

glaze - kim curran
rivers of london - ben aaranovitch*
glorious angels - justina robson
dead witch walking - kim harrison
spirits abroad - zen cho
stand on zanzibar - john brunner

the peripheral - william gibson*
city of stairs - robert jackson bennett

three parts dead - max gladstone*
strange and norrell - suzanne clarke
wicked+divine book 2
avengers infinity
wytches volume 1
this is life - dan rhodes

leviathan wakes - james s a corey
jagganith - karin tidbeck
wolves of london: obsidian hearts
the field of the cloth of gold - magnus mills
the other wind - ursula le guin

alien separation - gini koch
ack-ack macaque - gareth powell
the sorceror of the wildeeps - kai ashante wilson
the sorceror to the crown - zen cho

twelve tomorrows (harkaway, stross, sterling, bauman, etc)
holy fire - bruce sterling*
be my enemy - ian mcdonald
daker shade of magic - ve schwab
follow me - victoria gemmel

2312 - kim stanley robinson
welcome to night vale - fink/cranor

the bone clocks - david mitchell
divine misfortune - a lee martinez
bookburners 1 - max gladstone
bookburners 2
bookburners 3
bookburners 4
bookburners 5
hexomancy - michael r underwood
the seed collectors - scarlett thomas
ack ack macaque - gareth powell*

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2015 Film Summary 

The films I saw in 2015, broken down by month, with "*" denoting a repeat viewing:

night at the museum - secret of the tomb
mockingjay part 1
taken 3
ex machina

big hero six
jupiter ascendent
inherent vice
love is strange
wild tales
project almanac
shaun the sheep

thor 2*
sin city 2
the second best exotic marigold hotel
it follows
appropriate behaviour
catch me daddy
the second best exotic marigold hotel*
the voices
brothers bloom*
ladies and gentleman the fabulous stains

the voices*
while we're young
child 44
john wick
fast and furious 7   
avengers age of ultron
woman in gold

the falling
pitch perfect 2
avengers age of ultron*
a girl walks home alone at night
man up

mad max fury road
black coal, ice thin
pitch perfect 2*
mr. holmes

terminator genisys
magic mike xxl
the salt of the earth

the ballad of barnie thomson
fantastic four 2015
kiki's delivery service*
mission impossible: rogue nation

we are your friends
american ultra
hitman agent 47
paper towns
me, earl and the dying girl
maze runner - scorch trials
lost in hong kong
inside out

the intern
the martian
mortal instruments film*
next avengers animation
the lobster
crimson peak
the last witch hunter
this girls life
the tracey fragments
scouts guide to the zombie apocalypese

jonah hex
the bothersome man*
kairo (pulse)*
blue crush 2
the vanquisher
sukiyaki western django
winter's bone
the ex-files 2
bond - spectre
our times
mockingjay part 2
cabin in the woods*

star wars the force awakens
surprise - journey to the west
future shock! the story of 2000ad
snoopy movie
star wars the force awakens*

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The Apartment  

The Apartment by Greg Baxter was a spontaneous purchase. The joys of book shops. Wandering the store. Exploring new releases. Nice cover. Curious title. Read the 1st page. Sometimes a complete stranger will speak to you. Just the way the words fall together. And you'll buy something you didn't know  previously existed.

This is how I picked up The Apartment. A newly released hardback, at the time. By an author I'd never heard of. But it spoke to me. And even better it paid off - which is not always the case. Even if I do mostly trust my instincts.

The Apartment is on one level a simple story. And it is on that level that I enjoy it the most. A man has moved from the US to Europe, an unnamed city. Though from the description it feels like Vienna to me. He has an appointment to see an apartment, but is early so has time to kill. It is winter, he spends a lot of time walking. So he decides a good jacket would be good.

On that level the simplicity of it works for me. Obviously it is more than that. It is the language. The character. Into the base idea we get a history of the character and his choices. His family relationship with the city. The people he has met and nascent friendship resulting. Which is to say in the story of a man shopping for a jacket we get life.

It is hard to entirely explain why it worked for me. I can see it doesn't sound obvious. But I enjoyed. A lot.

So I occasionally keep my eyes open for new work by the author. But last night I was wandering the book shop. Frustrated by two novels in a row that did not connect. And there, in hardback, in the new releases - the new novel by Greg Baxter "Munich Airport". So I bought it and I'm reading it.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Fiction Summary-Notes April 2014 

Here is a periodic and updated summary of my fiction online:

Jack Move

Spirit Guide Plays Guitar


Issue 12: The Temple of the Inevitable
Issue 7: Blood & Souls
Issue 4: 1. Survivor
Issue 5: 2. No Survivor
Issue 3: When Gretchen Met Sally
Issue 2: Red Fever

Perhaps worth noting, one of my works in progress is a sequel to No/Survivor...

Telling of Tales: Podcast

The Gods Are Small Birds

Dark Fiction: Podcast

Twelve Days Anthology - Five Gold Rings - podcast anthology, my piece is Five Gold Rings.


From the short, sharp, dark and nasty end of the spectrum. I would ask for forgiveness, but the hound shall come when it is time...
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate No.1
The Lady
Cut Now, Cut Deep
What The Stars Hold
Finally! The Weather!

Saturday, March 22, 2014


cosmo_moda_dec27144 by Cihan Alpgiray
cosmo_moda_dec27144, a photo by Cihan Alpgiray on Flickr.

Friday, March 21, 2014

"The Tree" limited edition print 

"The Tree" limited edition print by Aron Wiesenfeld
"The Tree" limited edition print, a photo by Aron Wiesenfeld on Flickr.

Available at aron-wiesenfeld.squarespace.com/available/ at 11AM PST, March 21st

Monday, March 03, 2014

It's No Easier, On The Other Side 

It's No Easier, On The Other Side by TroyStith
It's No Easier, On The Other Side, a photo by TroyStith on Flickr.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Alice Pasquini - Barcelona 

Alice Pasquini - Barcelona by AliCè
Alice Pasquini - Barcelona, a photo by AliCè on Flickr.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Snow Day 

Snow Day by The Searcher
Snow Day, a photo by The Searcher on Flickr.

"Nothing fancy, just a quick sketch from a childhood memory.

Childhood was sometimes odd."
-The Searcher

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Inside Liz Brizzi's studio as she prepares for 'Adrift' this April at Thinkspace 

Inside Liz Brizzi's studio as she prepares for 'Adrift' this April at Thinkspace by thinkspace_gallery
Inside Liz Brizzi's studio as she prepares for 'Adrift' this April at Thinkspace, a photo by thinkspace_gallery on Flickr.

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