Monday, April 21, 2014

Fiction Summary-Notes April 2014 

Here is a periodic and updated summary of my fiction online:

Jack Move

Spirit Guide Plays Guitar


Issue 12: The Temple of the Inevitable
Issue 7: Blood & Souls
Issue 4: 1. Survivor
Issue 5: 2. No Survivor
Issue 3: When Gretchen Met Sally
Issue 2: Red Fever

Perhaps worth noting, one of my works in progress is a sequel to No/Survivor...

Telling of Tales: Podcast

The Gods Are Small Birds

Dark Fiction: Podcast

Twelve Days Anthology - Five Gold Rings - podcast anthology, my piece is Five Gold Rings.


From the short, sharp, dark and nasty end of the spectrum. I would ask for forgiveness, but the hound shall come when it is time...
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate No.1
The Lady
Cut Now, Cut Deep
What The Stars Hold
Finally! The Weather!

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