Saturday, February 07, 2009

Event:Peter Christopherson's Threshold Houseboys Choir

While in Mono yesterday I spotted that they have one of Peter Christopherson of COIL/THROBBIjavascript:void(0)NG GRISTLE's new project playing in Stereo. There is some confusion as to the date - the ticket has 4th April printed on it, which had been scored out and replaced with 3rd March in pen. But while I bought my ticket the promoter was on the phone insisting it is in fact 3rd May. I have a ticket, and I will be there, whenever.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

4th February 2009 – Russell Hoban’s Birthday.
Angelica's Grotto
Russell Hoban

Session Five

"I'm lost," said Klein.
"In what sense?" said Dr DeVere.
"Can you elaborate?"
"I am of a people who have always been fearless navigators of the
mind. The dead sail with us as we make our way from idea to idea,
steering by the stars and sea-marks named by those before us. Such a wide, wide ocean! But always know where you are by the waves, by the swells; the winds blow from not the usual quarters. Black squalls come, and heavy seas, the stars are blotted out, the wind moans in the rigging. You suddenly realise that you might never make your landfall, you might drown. A great wave hit's the boat and takes you with it, you feel yourself going down, down, down and then you don't know any more which way is up and you can't hold your breath a moment longer and the wild wide ocean fills your lungs and then you're gone: down among the dead men."
Dr DeVere kept respectfully silent for a few moments.
"It's good that you could get that out," he said.
"Is it? I almost don't know who I am. I try to think of how I came to this and it's hard to believe how it all began. I read this lousy
piece in The Times and Boom! my world fell apart."
"Ronnie Lang said some good things in his time: one of them was, 'The breakdown can be the breakthrough .'"
"Depends on what you break through to, I should think."

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