Monday, September 15, 2008


Title:Steak & Kidney Punch
Artist:Liz Greenfield

Liz Greenfield who did the webcomic Stuff Sucks for a few years, who I met at last year's Comix Thing in London, has a new comic up on the Dark Horse MySpace page. A page they've been using for a variety of established and new comic people. Nice to see Liz get something published at this level, hopefully its a promising sign for more to come.

Artist:Nina Nastasia

Here is one from the better late than never category. A video I recorded when I caught Nina Nastasia playing in Glasgow's Stereo on the 3rd of August. One of those gigs I went to on the off chance, not being especially familiar with her work in anyway. Which to a degree is a pity, since I guess that if I had been more familiar with her work I would have gotten more out of her set. Having bought one of her albums at the end of the gig, I have been quite enjoying listening to it while driving around.
Nina Nastasia


Item:Concrete Canvas
Item: Charity T-Shirts.

I came across one of the entries for this while wandering through Flickr. Seems an interesting idea. Group of artists on the Concrete Canvas site have designed a range of t-shirts, for readers to vote on. The winner goes on sale, and all money made from the sale goes towards Cancer Research UK. I think some of the t-shirts to be voted on are pretty smart looking, and its certainly an alternate and interesting way of raising money for a good cause. The two images shown above are my favourites. Only 2 days left to vote.

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