Tuesday, June 17, 2003

re:mote voices - welcome to re:mote voices, the evolution and extension of re:mote induction, where we continue to cover a re:mote world culture. reviews, extracts, news, and general relevant posting on books, comics, films and music. where re:mote induction has become bogged down in the mechanics of writing, formatting, and maintenance, re:mote voices is intended to be a more immediate and more readily updated service - though we hope you will find the content to be as consistent as one would expect from the years of re:mote induction.

re:mote copyright - all original material is copyright of re:mote voices/re:mote induction and can be used with the inclusion of appropriate credit and links to the original material. all other material is copyright of the creators/copyright holders and is used/linked to here for the purposes of promotion and review of said material.

re:mote contact - we are always interested in hearing from our readers, so feel free to get in touch with us. however, please remember if you want to send us death threats because you disagree with our opinions, then you aren't the first - perhaps you should take a moment to reflect on the fact that what you read is just one persons opinion and get over yourself. email - remotepush @ yahoo.co.uk

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