Sunday, January 09, 2005

Title: Relativity/Profundity
Artist: Emerge
Label: Drone Records

Drone 64 is a two track 7” from Emerge, which comes on petroleum striped yellow vinyl. The sleeve has a ragged black stripe across the top of the card, with the impression that it has been burnt to give the uneven edge and colour. Below this black stripe on one side there is what could be described as a hand scribbled landscape – on the other side, something has been spilt on the centre of the sleeve, forming an organic chemical lump, pulling the card in with a tautened manner. With Relativity low, atmospheric sounds play and echo, with the sense that they are perhaps muffled by a body of water. Evolving so that it has more of an open sound that that fluid beginning, while retaining the same kind of texture. Wallowing and shifting, spatial and encompassing. Profundity sees percussive strokes laid down, echoing in repeating details. Maintaining a continuity and progression from Relativity. With perhaps a denser result, lost voices a periodic element in the mix, though concentrating on hollow bass and diffuse atmospheres.

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